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A quick update on the new board software

File 13874072763.gif - (506.61KB , 200x178 , AdoubleHAHA.gif )
6381 No. 6381 hide quickreply [Reply]
hi, from 420chan here.

wondering how many times this russian asshole got you guys as well?

he took us down 4 days in a row, he hit 55chan as well.

greetings from /woooo/

enjoy this wrestling gif
>> No. 6382
Russian guy? Not at all,that I know of.
>> No. 6384
Russian guy? What exactly did he do? Site hasn't had any issues recently
>> No. 6385
Ah, so its some Russian twat with a botnet and nothing important to do.

File 133267770272.png - (531.03KB , 616x642 , movienightII.png )
4765 No. 4765 Locked hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Last movie thread stopped bumping, so here's the new one. You know the deal...

Old thread: http://www.megachan.net/disc/res/3972.html
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>> No. 6397
> Cherry 2000
I'm sure I have watched this somewhere... I thought it was on MST3K but I looked it up and it isn't there. Probably not their level of G rated family entertainment anyway.

also, bump limit has been reached again
>> No. 6398
Even if you HAVE seen it, you should see it again. It's fucking fantastic.
>> No. 6462
Ok I guess this old warhoss stopped bumping. Locking and making a new one.

File 132287922549.png - (39.13KB , 210x220 , Laughing.png )
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Hey guys, the date went amazing. WE HELD HANDS :D So I thank all you guys for the support and help. You got me a girlfriend.
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>> No. 6322
Dunno. Lawn gnome trap got him?
>> No. 6323

He's mostly on twitter now.
>> No. 6329
Yea I tweet from @solarmaiko

Gonna come back post more here though. Sick of social networks a bit.

File 13676377933.jpg - (258.81KB , 1920x815 , 333.jpg )
6176 No. 6176 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
thoughts on 3.33?
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>> No. 6186
incredible film that blew me away. i couldn't care less about the plot. the narrative was a tautology anyway. this was all about the way the medium was used to explore psychology, the limits of the mind/consciousness and the world of eva itself, from the inside out, and from a very obscure position in terms of the entire cycle of the films. rewarding to watch without subtitles regardless of not understanding japanese. the images, music, symbolism told the "story."
>> No. 6187
this guy gets it
>> No. 6327
File 138471612326.png - (336.07KB , 720x540 , vlcsnap-2012-08-27-00h22m52s164.png )
Having now watched the third one I'm with ryce on the plot. It felt (was?) a lot shorter than the preceding films, which should have been an advantage, because there was a lot of fat to trim. However, after a fairly stellar opening, the movie devolved in the second act. The sequences with Kaworu were interesting, but went on too long, especially that ridiculous bit where they just played piano in order to advertise the soundtrack CD.

In a lot of ways, although I enjoy the rebuild movies for their visuals, I feel like they definitely skew to the worst aspects of the original series. You'd think free from Gainax's money trouble, Evangelion could sink or swim without the dull fanservice and other bullshit.

File 138271338830.png - (240.47KB , 450x294 , 1380547979514.png )
6310 No. 6310 hide quickreply [Reply]
>> No. 6311
...yes? Shitty pop TV show thread?
>> No. 6313
File 138339449537.png - (401.15KB , 500x373 , tumblr_mdb804kA6e1qdom8no1_500.png )
I am the danger.
>> No. 6314
File 138340242642.jpg - (186.77KB , 1600x960 , the_walking_derp_by_jugger017-d4ubrgw.jpg )
you started it dra

File 138183691854.jpg - (43.29KB , 636x359 , IN28_FUKUSHIMA_1565170f.jpg )
6305 No. 6305 hide quickreply [Reply]
>MFW Fukushima has waste in water casuing hydrogen3 content to skyrocket. (this means a blast would cause earthquakes for up to 250
miles, folks.
>MFW I have no face because it was melted off by radiation.
>> No. 6306
File 138184504185.jpg - (160.89KB , 800x532 , 00010902-O.jpg )

File 137842214399.jpg - (5.49KB , 140x84 , deleteit.jpg )
6276 No. 6276 hide quickreply [Reply]
So the NSA and related agencies in other places have been snooping where they ought not to. Interesting article here: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2013/sep/05/government-betrayed-internet-nsa-spying

It's by Bruce Schier, one of the more level-headed and informed people on such matters. One quote from the article, for those who need a tl.dr, "... we should expose. If you do not have a security clearance, and if you have not received a National Security Letter, you are not bound by a federal confidentially requirements or a gag order. If you have been contacted by the NSA to subvert a product or protocol, you need to come forward with your story. Your employer obligations don't cover illegal or unethical activity. If you work with classified data and are truly brave, expose what you know. We need whistleblowers."

File 137737159970.png - (253.20KB , 480x360 , vlcsnap-82453.png )
6265 No. 6265 hide quickreply [Reply]
Unleashing the Bugs of War http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1732226,00.html
>> No. 6266
> So what's hot at DARPA right now? Bugs. The creepy, crawly flying kind. The Agency's Microsystems Technology Office is hard at work on HI-MEMS (Hybrid Insect Micro-Electro-Mechanical System), raising real insects filled with electronic circuitry, which could be guided using GPS technology to specific targets via electrical impulses sent to their muscles. These half-bug, half-chip creations — DARPA calls them "insect cyborgs" — would be ideal for surveillance missions, the agency says in a brief description on its website.

The reasons as to why I no longer want to live on this planet get more compelling day by day.

File 137757132039.jpg - (95.20KB , 1087x719 , This World Is Fucked Up.jpg )
6267 No. 6267 hide quickreply [Reply]
UK Porn Filter Will Censor Other Content Too, ISPs Reveal https://torrentfreak.com/uk-porn-filter-will-censor-other-content-too-isps-reveal-130726/
>> No. 6268
Oh, internet censorship, never ever a problem.

File 132585325692.png - (16.60KB , 662x637 , FUCK_SOPA_logo.png )
3977 No. 3977 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Forgot to mention this, but I moved the domain away from Godaddy a week or two ago.
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>> No. 4345
I'm pretty sure the guy actually thinks we're all talking out our asses. Only reasonable explanation. Or he's a time traveler, here to warn us of future events involving martian operations and FTL communications.
>> No. 4354
John... Titor? We should probably listen, if they're giving us a warning from the future!
>> No. 6264


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