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File 132814917495.jpg - (899.55KB , 3872x2592 , DSC_9565.jpg )
4320 No. 4320 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, we are all, most likely, some degree of cheep bastard. I propose a new thread. Food. Delicious, delicious food.

Home cooked, low cost meals preferred.

I'll start with today's breakfast. And dinner. Hand made hash browns, one medium potato grated fine, and then squeezed in your hands until water stops coming out. Contain the potato in your clean hands, with as small a gap as you can manage. This is the best, most efficient way I have discovered. Two eggs, over easy. And two strips of bacon, I cut mine in half to better fit in my pan around the hashbrown.

It's important you use a good skillet, preferably cast iron. You start with the bacon. When it is time to flip the bacon, you do so, making sure there is room in the middle for your hashbrown. Press grated potato into about a half inch thick patty, place down. Flip when you can see cooked potato through most of the patty. Turn off skillet, remove bacon as cooked, scoot hash brown to the side, and place your eggs. Turn off your stove if you are using cast iron, as the pan is more than hot enough to cook your eggs.

I prefer mine slathered with catsup, but I left it off to demonstrate.
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>> No. 6026
I prepared the perfect tomato soup some days ago, made up every step and the proportion of ingredients and still everything came together perfectly well.

Peeled and cut about 4 tomatoes in irregular size, while on a middle sized pot i stirred an onion and two garlic bits in olive oil until they were getting crispy. Then poured the tomatoes inside, and added like 600 Ml of boiling water with A bouillon cube of olive and merken (chilean spice). Stirred until boiled, then stuck a stick blender inside and blended everything into the soup itself. Served and added salt, basil and pepper to my own liking.
>> No. 6108
File 136001255320.jpg - (112.46KB , 768x576 , pasties.jpg )
From about twelve on, I grew up near a town in the foothills of California known for mining. As such, it has a pretty strong tradition of Pasties...and I haven't been home in a while. So I had a craving.

I present to you, Beef and potato pasties. Not exactly traditional, but for what the fuck do I have in the house food, it's amazing.

So, take about half a pound of beef. I used ground chuck as I had it on hand, 85% lean. Cubed up steak is fine too. You can also do a 50/50 mix of beef and pork, and it's amazing.
One mid sized potato, cubed small.
Two tablespoons diced parsley
Salt and pepper liberally. I used about a teaspoon each.

For the crust I used 9 1/2oz flour, approximately two cups.
2 teaspoons of baking powder
3/4s teaspoon salt
3 1/2 oz shortening by weight. (six tablespoons)
3/4 cup milk

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>> No. 6128
>Home cooked, low cost meals preferred.
Here's what I had last night.
Potato feta dumplings in lemon clam sauce.
Minced onion sauted with a pat of butter.
Zest, juice and pulp from half a lemon. Can of clams in their juice. This put into the pan with the carmelized onions to warm.
A half cup of leftover mashed potatoes, 1 egg, about 1/4 cup finely crumbled feta cheese, mixed with enough flour to make a thick dough, biscuit like. This is dropped by tiny spoonfuls into boiling water. About five minutes with the lid closed has them floating and presumed cooked. Drained and put into a bowl.
Clam sauce is thickened with a little cornstarch and poured over potato dumplings. It was enough for 2 or 3 servings.

File 134170954870.jpg - (157.69KB , 1300x736 , Chainsaw_Chopper_by_NuMioH.jpg )
5438 No. 5438 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Lurker here, first time posting. If I do anything stupid tell me and I'll stop.

I've always had dreams about random things (video games that never existed, boring everyday shit, and the occasional 'that was the weirdest porn I have ever experienced') but every so often I have a dream or two that I thought might appeal to you guys. Unfortunately I have lost most of my old logs so I'll just start with the most recent one I had.

It's worth noting I was never quite sure if I was the narrator of this dream or the protagonist, because I know I was someone in the dream but I can't remember what exactly I did. It was kind of like if I were explaining what was in it to a rather bored audience or something, which has been the case for many of my more interesting dreams (sadly).

Basically, it was a post-apocalyptic version of Earth, a long time after some third world war, with a lot of emphasis on a return to the medieval feudal system of sorts. Except that instead of castles, you had heavily-defended city-state hubs, very built-up but made from the bare minimum of resources, sitting in the middle of endless desert wasteland with a great deal of space in between them. And instead of knights on horseback you had giant flying "scaffolds", effectively large airship frames lined with CIWS and missile launchers but with only really the frame and vital parts built in. Peasants were basically the thousands of people that worked maintaining various aspects of the city, Clergy were the few remaining people who kept any sort of documentation of what happened in the past (and were notably the only ones who had a true networked computer system), and nobility was basically the war veterans (or rather descendants of war veterans) who ran the city.

Now this is where things get sort of complicated. Just about everything in the city has been built with the bare minimum of necessary resources. In other words, just about any sort of machinery is a frame and the bare minimum of working components. That's not to say that it wasn't elegant, as the keepers of the city clearly wanted it to look as good as it could for its time, but as a res
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>> No. 5441
Huh, it's been a while since I've had a dream I remember as in depth as that. The other day I had a dream I argued with some people that I didn't want to play regular D&D because 'elves are gay' and we should play a sci fi variant. I ended up acquiescing and enjoying myself despite the magic. Yep.
>> No. 5949
File 135146869915.gif - (14.35KB , 315x201 , jiki03.gif )
Well, I should've posted this way earlier but I kind of forgot. Either way, this dream is pretty old, but I've got decent logs of it and such so I'll put it here.

This was another dream in a far post-apocalyptic environment, but this time things are more Waterworld-esque. The supposed third world war melted the icecaps and covered almost the entire planet in water. After a short state of total anarchy, some kind of empire developed to reunify the world's remaining people in underwater colonies. This empire lasted for a very long time, but it was not a benevolent one. It was a conquering entity that slaughtered millions in the name of keeping those who had come out on top above the rest of society. It ruled with an iron fist and there was much technological stagnation.

Eventually, the Empire decided that it would reinstate small private companies to promote more research and development. However, as these private companies grew, they consolidated into three massive Corporations. Out of disgust for the Empire that constantly kept everything they did under its thumb, these corporations rebelled against the Empire. Their superior technology and will for true economic freedom managed to drive back the Empire, which decided to cut its losses and run, eventually becoming a mere memory in the society's minds.

However, the Corporations soon found that their greatest competition was among themselves. Slowly they evolved into three separate states, each in conflict with one another for resources. Although people lived a better life under the Corporations, there was still plenty of conflict and the disparity between the rich and the poor simply grew greater.

That's where things begin with my character. The son of two wealthy corporate executives for the smallest of the three Corporations who lived on the surface of the sea, I was sent off to the Depths to begin living my life independently (The Depths are where everyone starts out, and they eventually move to the surface as they garner more wealth and recognition). However, something new was starting up in the Depths, a faction called the Resistance. The Resistance called for the corporations
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No. 6100
File 135838817169.jpg - (11.31KB , 304x231 , 1351116618621.jpg )
> Megachan-related dreams

OK, here's one from last week. Definitely related.

I was piloting a small space fighter in Earth orbit, with a female copilot. I'm not sure if we were at war or what was going on. We were approaching a big space carrier, basically a cross between the Sulaco from Aliens and the carriers from Space: Above and Beyond. Similar design as the Sulaco but huge like the Saratoga (the Saratoga is half a km long; bigger than a contemporary US Navy aircraft carrier). We requested landing bay instructions but were denied. We bullshitted with the radio controller a bit and she changed her mind and gave us permission to land. I realized, something wasn't right. They clearly said no, then said yes for no apparent reason, despite myself and my crew mate breaking protocol in our negotiations (I can't remember exactly but we broke some rule or other). I wondered whether the ship had been infiltrated or secretly taken over or something...

we landed in the bay and prepared for the worst...

...and I hate the fact that I dream up these fascinating tales but NEVER seem to get to the conclusions :/

File 132489367794.jpg - (965.42KB , 4320x3240 , knight+king.jpg )
3838 No. 3838 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Yesterday was the birthday of our dear and fluffy lord. So what did you get/give for xmas megachan?

For probably the first time ever I got only very practical things, things I can use. A much needed raincoat (one of the heavy duty ones that won't wear out after two years), hand-knit gloves, a phone, and the camera which took this picture. Oh and a fruitcake.

I was stumped for presents to give my family so I just gave them each a pretty card with a bit of moose meat that was in the freezer. They asked "did you shoot this yourself?" but actually I haven't done that yet. I told them, maybe next year.

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>> No. 3867
An iPad, some clothes, shoes, and jewellery, an alarm clock, some books, an iTunes gift card, a new video card, Kid A collector's edition, Lain OST, and some DVDs. Economic climate? Age? What're those?

I mostly gave clothes, gadgets, and books to my family and a few friends, some of which were appreciated, some of which rather weren't.

I used to disassemble electronic toys and try to build things out of the parts. I got as far as some sort of strange scuttling thing made mostly of Robosapien legs (anyone else remember Robosapiens?) and Slinkies. I think it's still in the garage at our old house. I fear for the sanity of whoever eventually buys that house when they open the garage and discover that batteries-not-included eldritch abomination.
>> No. 3868
All I can think of now are Sid's toys.
>> No. 6099
Why I got tonsillitis thanks for asking

(I'm not sure what I was looking at, but if it involves naked anything, don't post it.)

File 135777587187.png - (12.13KB , 64x64 , delete.png )
6084 No. 6084 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

a funny, yet compelling, proposal
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>> No. 6093
with bonus points that at least some port of the nordic hel? You can go there, if you want. It's a real place.
>> No. 6095
Oh needs gods?
>> No. 6097
Roman is the way to go

No. 6050 hide quickreply [Reply]
You may have noticed that the sticky regarding replacing the site software is missing. This is because I tried to move it to /dev/ and it got auto-pruned. Head on over to /dev/ and start posting requests, suggestions, etc.

File 135641280110.jpg - (19.83KB , 301x345 , cyberpunk christmas.jpg )
6043 No. 6043 hide quickreply [Reply]
Merry Christmas, everybody.

Here is my gift to you all: the very first result I got from a Google Image search for "Cyberpunk Christmas"
>> No. 6044
....what. The fuck.
>> No. 6045
File 135647882862.jpg - (70.57KB , 852x480 , hi-hadfield-guitar1-121712_.jpg )
To commemorate the birthday of our dear and fluffy lord, I present to you a Christmas song from space. Follow the link to hear it:


> It was a Christmas present to the world.

> Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded a song and loaded it to social media sites Soundcloud and Reddit.
> The former Royal Canadian Airforce Commander loves to play and brought his guitar along for his 5-month journey.
> His song is entitled "Jewel of the Night."
> Hadfield is set to take command of the International Space Station in March 2013.

File 13480777868.jpg - (8.88KB , 172x200 , (3).jpg )
5850 No. 5850 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Does religious fanatics and extremists make your atheist blood thicker? (& does it piss you off)
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>> No. 5931
no no, you misunderstood or I wasn't clear. I didn't mean their relations with other nations or faiths, nor was I talking about pacifism or anything like that. I meant that there was xenophobia WITHIN the jewish nation, as in the jews living in one place didn't get along with the jews living in the next place over. Which fits with what you said earlier, he wanted all the jewish people to be united.
>> No. 5932
Oh, yeah, exactly.
>> No. 6036
No because im not fucking twelve

File 13543998207.jpg - (216.55KB , 960x1280 , 1348338831818.jpg )
6016 No. 6016 hide quickreply [Reply]
Hate Germany? Hate Poland? Bored?
Sign this shit.
>> No. 6017
"upper sorbs" "lower sorbs"...

File 134794424080.png - (61.10KB , 250x250 , 250px-Star_Trek_Warp_Field.png )
5834 No. 5834 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
So, science fiction has a way of predicting technological devices that eventually come to become real devices. One show in particular has a lot of successes.... Star Trek. Cellphones, tablets. We've been teleporting photons for a while now, and recently they beat the record for distance again.

So, in 1994, this guy, Miguel Alcubierre, A physicist. Suggested a way to warp space, involving a football shaped spacecraft surrounded by a ring of super dense matter, warping the field of space. But it wasn't practical...you would need the mass of a large gas giant to power the thing.

Now, here's an interesting development. Harold White, of NASA's Johnson Space Center, calculated that changing the shape of the ring drastically reduces the power requirements. Instead of the mass of a large planet for power, in theory, this doughnut shaped ring would operate on the mass of something like the Voyager 1 probe.

Now, it's not a sure thing. It's not a practical subject, but they are beginning to conduct warp drive experiments. They are conducting tabletop experiments to try to produce microscopic warp drive phenomenon.

I'm excited about this, obviously.

What about you guys? What technology from science fiction has come to be every day fact, or has the scientific potential to become reality, have you excited?
11 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5848
File 134803908613.png - (902.00KB , 640x480 , The_Living_Seas_Post-Show_Area_1996_Part_II_flv_sn.png )
I know which pic you're talking about, but I think it's just a one-off.
As for patlabors, the idea is that there has to be labors in use on a large enough scale that drunk drivers and crazies are a full-scale problem. And while that's not where we are now, in ten years... who knows?
>> No. 5852
And lets not forget the Transformers Rescue squad...
>> No. 5854
I can see mechs being useful for demolition. You have the brute force to take down structures quickly, and when the occasional roof collapses on you, hey at least you're armoured.

> Wasn't there a firefighting mecha video game as well?
I'm not really a gamer but that sounds a lot more interesting than the typical FPS or fuckin' sports simulation or whatever; I'd definitely try that one. Also in Starship Troopers the kids in boot camp get called out to fight a forest fire... I think its the first time they actually use the powered suits outside of training.

File 134638488334.jpg - (32.11KB , 400x300 , dendera-light-bulb (double).jpg )
5774 No. 5774 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
so UFOs, UMAs, Ancient Aliens, all that shit.

I remember back when Art Bell hosted Coast to Coast, was way better than that new guy.
2 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No. 5803
File 134686830523.jpg - (107.61KB , 590x400 , 21053.jpg )
When I was a kid, one of my teachers went all intervention on my ass because I told him I had read "Chariots of the Gods?" I could tell he was somewhat upset and was trying to hold back... it was the sort of talk you'd get if an adult thought you were a satanist or something. Not angry, just very, very concerned. It was the first time I remember hearing the term "pseudoscience".

Odd though, because it was in the school library for some reason. In fact Carl Sagan has argued in favour of it being kept in such places, so students can have a great example of flawed logic to dissect.
>> No. 5804
File 134696619344.jpg - (87.84KB , 806x605 , 1323485605059.jpg )
That fine line, parsecs wide, between reality and the fantasy of all this. The illusions of released information to hide and misdirect from actual secret projects.
Bad photos, wild claims, bizarrely vectored combinations, misinterpretations from data so old, xenocultural, or corrupt it can't be analyzed by the current majority mindset.
Deliberate viral campaigns with and without plans or desired conclusions.
To the rational, an amusing pastime. To the deranged, an obsession that is the foundation of their life.
>> No. 5833
Haha that's brilliant I'm sure most of us on here are all too familiar with getting looks like those but I gotta agree with Sagan ( I'm a saganist, lol) .. >>5804 seems like you've won me over by using 'parsec' so eloquently

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