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A quick update on the new board software

File 129992942512.jpg - (10.97KB , 418x265 , 4762543.jpg )
2060 No. 2060 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
walk in city
see this
wat do?
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>> No. 2264
Turn around, walk out.
>> No. 2337
Ahem.. Can I have the source?
>> No. 4498
Walk out.

Why? Because fuck smokey cities.

File 132873669832.jpg - (426.82KB , 946x946 , c7aa4a24a896f78c88b104027794a09f.jpg )
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Some one on /cy/ asked for the source of this picture, I never replied to that post cause I could never find the god damn bookmark, now while looking for other stuff I found it so here!
It's very nsfw tho
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>> No. 4416
File 132899917231.jpg - (426.37KB , 758x1024 , 87d4d6f1fb1885d05c39c04e94df486a.jpg )
Everyone loves lolis, specially if they are part robot, or pilot robots, or are actual robots!
>> No. 4419
File 132903827466.png - (156.19KB , 462x350 , tumblr_ljgdnnFgpz1qzcgea.png )
What about robot shotas?
>> No. 4424
I suppose zat works too!

File 128014518140.jpg - (49.18KB , 480x360 , wtf_shinji.jpg )
57 No. 57 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
resurrecting the bump while high/drunk thread...

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>> No. 4560
Drunk, hanging out at my sister's. This is my safe haven, where I find peace. One of them anyway. The other is at a friend's house, who I have known since high school. These are truly good places. All is well.
>> No. 4811
File 13332483863.jpg - (55.46KB , 800x564 , Asian Planking.jpg )
What the fuck what's the bump thread doin on the third page??
Crossfaded as FUUUCK
>> No. 5728
Because the Admin here an Autistic faggot and thinks we need a bump limit as if there aren't enough things that make Megachan seem retarded/inaccessible to the general public.


File 130155742757.jpg - (42.39KB , 400x400 , spooky_hdr_17.jpg )
2139 No. 2139 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Spooky Thread?
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>> No. 2566
File 131212602978.jpg - (765.61KB , 1000x711 , 1312005397754.jpg )
>> No. 4401
Dread lord! We have a sac-
>> No. 4414
Necro Nessie! Sweet!

File 13218208644.jpg - (212.02KB , 880x567 , european_union.jpg )
3673 No. 3673 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
Where is everyone from? American here.
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>> No. 4379
You live in Seoul but you're not a Seouldier?

(I am so sorry)
>> No. 4383
File 13285610548.jpg - (43.92KB , 334x480 , fuhrer_dog.jpg )
Nah, I've been here for years. Came here via the Overchan. Not sure if that site even still exists.
>> No. 4387
There is still an overchan but I don't think its the original. That's how I found this place too, if I recall correctly:


File 132731937868.jpg - (131.36KB , 666x666 , Dissection_Storm-of-the-Light-s-Ban.jpg )
4261 No. 4261 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
I'm so cold :(

Its -10 C here, which isn't THAT cold really but we're trying to save electricity so the heat is mostly off. There's a wood stove but the heat doesn't reach my room anyway. My roommate who is out of town texted me earlier to say "please flush the toilet frequently so the pipes don't freeze".

Whine, whine, whine, yeah I know... topic for discussion; what's the weather like in your corner of the globe, megachanners?
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>> No. 4280
I've lived in a few different places but never anywhere that AC was considered a requirement. Keeping the place warm is usually the priority, not cooling it. But Minnesota was a bit harsh in the summer with the temp pushing 100 F in the afternoons, I'll say that much. Oh and I hitch hiked across Montana in August one summer... ouch. No shade, no humidity; every time I visited a gas station I'd have drank half my water before I even made it back to the ramp. I'd rather be a little cold than deal with that again.
>> No. 4282
part of it depends on where your place is situated. I used to live on a third floor with windows on two sides so I'd get much better breezes, now I'm in a second floor with windows only on one side.
Closer to the ocean there's much better breeze.
>> No. 4283
weather in Oklahoma has been disturbingly pleasant lately; most days this month I haven't need a coat at all.

It's definitely a welcome change from the norm of the ice storms we usually get- the temperature isn't terrible (20-30f), but we've probably got the most bitter wind ever here. I hear when the Olympic torch came through here they had to modify it because despite all the weatherproofing they did, our wind still defeated it.

I suspect we'll be paying for this in the summer though; 100f+ and humid is normal, and last year 115f wasn't anything special.

File 132625786415.jpg - (43.44KB , 300x200 , 102165343.jpg )
4138 No. 4138 hide expand quickreply [Reply]

What the hell is up with this shit?

>Some 300 Chinese Foxconn employees who manufacture X-box 360 machines said they would throw themselves from their Wuhan, China, plant if demands for lost wages were not met.

>Foxconn came under fire in 2010 when workers successfully committed suicide in a plant that manufactured components for Apple.
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>> No. 4143
File 132628421387.jpg - (29.50KB , 500x485 , 409.jpg )
I know right?! The hell is wrong with them?!
Everyone knows its trampolines that bring a smile to your face!...
>> No. 4145
File 132629207344.jpg - (152.53KB , 990x640 , foxconn-net-close-look.jpg )

Holy shit. Also, it seems it's Apple, not Foxconn that had the nets installed,

>> No. 4150
I think that the Mail is misreporting it a little. All other reports point to Foxxcon doing the safety nets, which seems more likely. Apple may be assholes, but they know one thing, and that's publicity.

File 132494906778.jpg - (654.43KB , 1104x1103 , jungle-1.jpg )
3848 No. 3848 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
For the upcoming "Apocalypse of Your Choice",

The real long far more correct process for ones that have 45-50lbs draw (just a starting link, peruse the website for more; nice pics and tips):

The "mostly correct process with no some good and odd tips" process:

The "will-do-in-a-pinch" process:

The "LOL WTFRUDOING?" process:

U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76 (PDF file is under 3megs)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 4069
>Pile of pennies melted by giant Fresnel lens


That's it! I'm hitting up freecycle.org and hope I can find someone with a broken big ass TV they want to get rid of. Imagine solar forging zinc (pennies) into molds to make what ever you want. Zinc has a melting temp of 787.1 F so it'd be a good way to easily make small castings with; cheap too.

From that video it looks like the thin copper coating is burning off?
>> No. 4071
Somethings being burned off, that's for sure. Makes me think that, and a small copper coil painted with high temp black paint, backed off the focal point a bit, would make a freaking great solar water heater. There's a video on there on distilling water. They had about a liter of water at a rolling boil inside of three minutes. So small volumes heated quickly flowing in a heat siphon with a larger black tank.
>> No. 4122
I've now put out a APB on rear-projection TVs. I've one bite so far. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one. Then I'm setting up a solar forge. I'm not sure what I'm going to make, but I'll be using easily melted metals. Maybe some small art sculptures, rings, jewelry, and arrow heads. I'll put it in the DIY thread, if that happens.

File 132538487183.jpg - (165.76KB , 739x640 , 1290714936278.jpg )
3913 No. 3913 hide expand quickreply [Reply]
It's that time of the year again, megachan.

Happy new years!
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>> No. 3937
There's a loli gore and scat manga with octopus girls I had the displeasure of seeing one panel of some time ago. I was only looking for octopus girls. Which there is a good bit of.
>> No. 3940
>> No. 3944
File 132556649771.jpg - (69.34KB , 600x394 , YoshieZeroPic2.jpg )

File 132531818386.png - (237.03KB , 638x349 , haley.png )
3885 No. 3885 hide quickreply [Reply]
This is sad, and I'm a coldhearted bastard... so for me to feel anything... yeah.

>> No. 3886
"missing" isn't the proper term. "ran away" is more apt. She's 17 and decided to go on the road. It's awesome that her dad cares, but not unusual.

Also, why the hell did she write her note on post it notes?
>> No. 3925
Let's put it in /b/, just to see what happens.
>> No. 3932
This. Also the comments 'the length parents will go to amazes me.' Making a youtube video is difficult or something?

Really though, he should just check every Occupy camp, etc along the route. Also, get some tech guy to get into her computer if she left that, or her email account if he knows the address. She could just be running away with some internet partner.

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